Custom Coating


Simcote Custom Coating in Ohio provides a wide range of epoxy and powder coating capabilities.  Among other specifications, we are capable of epoxy coating to ASTM A775, A884, A934 and A1078 as well as multiple state DOTs/AASHTO.  When a consistent, durable finish is required, our custom coating process will deliver performance, protection and high color retention.  We also provide custom and contract coating for commercial and decorative applications. View some of our custom-coating applications below.



Dowel baskets

Our coating line provides our customers with a high quality epoxy coated basket with short lead time requirements.  We can coat baskets to ASTM A1078 and Ohio DOT specifications.  In addition, our rebar coating line can coat your stock DOWEL BARS or supply them from our extensive smooth dowel bar inventory.




From #3 to #18, we can coat any shape or size coupler.  We make sure to prepare each and every coupler properly to prevent threads from being damaged.


Construction and rebar accessories

High chairs, slab bolsters, fasteners; if it needs to be epoxy or powder coated, Simcote is the custom coater for you.=


*We coat customer products, we do not carry all products above as inventory.