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Our reputation is built on service

A family business established in 1978, Simcote is one of the original companies founded to epoxy coat and fabricate reinforcing steel, or rebar.  Our owners and multiple long term employees form a team dedicated to the epoxy industry, our customers, and the continuous improvement of our products.  Through our extensive knowledge, experience, and the drive to improve Simcote remains a top tier supplier of epoxy products.

To date Simcote has fabricated and delivered over 1 million tons of epoxy coated rebar to projects across North America.  We carefully select our vendors to ensure quality raw materials and cutting edge equipment.  Throughout the coating and fabrication process Simcote monitors our quality as part of our commitment to delivering a great product on every project.  Simcote is also actively involved in the concrete reinforcing industry and committed to improvement of industry standards.

In recent years Simcote has added several new coating lines that have increased our coating capabilities.  Our coil coating line allows Simcote to epoxy coat coiled rebar for fabrication on CNC machines and production of epoxy coated spirals.  We have also installed two new custom coating processes.  Our inline coating process is dedicated to smaller products that can be attached to our conveyer system.  The new batch coating process is ideal for large products up to 20-0 x 15-0.  More information on these coating solutions can be found on our custom coating page.
For more information on any of Simcote’s products please contact our sales team.


St. Paul, MN

Marion, OH

Adam Simmet – Corporate Sales
1645 Red Rock Rd.
Saint Paul, MN 55119
Jeff Pfeiffer – Rebar Sales
250 North Greenwood Street
Marion, OH 43302
Matt Owdom – Custom Coating
250 North Greenwood Street
Marion, OH 43302